Hack for food, hack for good! - Milan winning project

HubCity - the interactive map system for Milano Food Hubs

2022 - 2027
Educazione e partecipazione civica, Salute e cura
Milano Food Policy
for EU Project FEAST

In May 2023, OpenDot organised the first of a series of Hackathons promoted by the European project FEAST - Food systems that support transitions to healthy and sustainable diets, with the aim of facilitating the transition to a food system that is fair and healthy for people, environmentally friendly, and sustainable for the planet.

In the Milanese edition of Hack for Food, Hack For Good, OpenDot identified Milano Food Policy and Terre Des Hommes Italia as local partners with the aim of developing solutions designed to support the network of the "District Hubs against Food Waste" - the project launched by Milano Food Policy, the winner of the 2021 Earthshot Prize.

Watch here below the event recap and the full playlist at this link!

Need finding session

Hubs are local neighborhood networks, in which new models of recovery and redistribution of food surplus are tested to reduce food waste and innovate food recovery methods. After conducting a need finding session with Terre Des Hommes - the organization in charge of one Hub in the Gallaratese District in Milan – OpenDot highlighted their need to be more innovative and inclusive as well as being able to better respond to the needs of the people they assist, both at a neighborhood and city level.

14 participants, divided in three teams, took part in "Hack For Food, Hack for Good": during the first 2 days of the event the teams began to work together, learn more about the Spazio Indifesa hub, identify the problem to solve and engage with mentors to refine ideas. In the following week the teams worked remotely with the support of OpenDot designers and makers to continue the development of the idea and being ready for the last day and the winner announcement.

The final project

Hubcity is the winning solution of the Hack for Food, Hack for Food, Milan edition.

“How can we connect the different entities to facilitate mutual collaboration and create new synergies between the different services?” was the problem to solve related to the challenge “All for one, one for all: Networking between organizations”.

HubCity is an interactive map system and CMS that helps Milan Food Hubs to communicate their services, digitize, and keep track of the goods they receive and distribute.

The map helps citizens to search and be aware of which actors are working on the food system in the City and services they are providing.

For the Hubs and the involved associations and enterprises, the map helps to communicate services, activities, events and useful information such as contact details, opening times, and so on.

The CMS system works also as a smart inventory that gathers informations for the map and monitors donations processes. By helping Hubs keep track of their inventory, HubCity helps the municipality understand valuable information for decision-making, giving the possibility to download visuals and data, helping grasp information about the communities the Hubs are catering to.

We envision HubCity as the baseline to build a more transparent, connected, collaborative, and effective Hub system.

During 4 months of mentoring, the winning team mapped, conducted interviews, reordering and reading information about the system of donations and food redistribution for the CMS set-up. The prototype of the interactive map system was then developed by OpenDot, with a navigable graphical user interface, following the mapping of food-related services and active actors within the Hubs, aimed at citizens.

The map also serves the active realities and the Food Policy to communicate services and share useful information about them, connect actors and managers, and monitor the interest of citizens (target wanted, research keys, etc)

A project by FEAST
Realized by OpenDot

OpenDot - Project team
Laura Dellamotta - Co-Founder, Supervisor, General Project Coordinator
Giovanna Gardi - Co-Founder, Administrative Coordination and Reporting
Alessandro Masserdotti - Co-Founder, General Project Supervision
Fabrizio Pignoloni - Co-Founder, Creative Project Supervision
Cristina Biella - Project management, call writing and operational coordination
Martina Giulianelli - Designer and design support
Giulia Marcolli - External communication and social media

OpenDot Mentor’s - Milan
Mirko Balducci - UX & Information Designer
Riccardo Presotto - Developer & ML Expert
Lucrezia Noseda - Graphic Designer
Mattia Mertens - UI Designer

FEAST Mentor - Milan
Anant Jani - University of Heidelberg and FEAST Project Coordinator  

HubCity - Winning Team
Daniela de Sainz Molestina
Alberto Bignotti
Francesca De Feudis
Sabrina Maida

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