Unwanted furniture

Catalogue of circular strategies to extend the furniture life cycle

AMSA – Gruppo A2A
Circular Economy

Unwanted Furniture is an OpenDot project for AMSA - A2A Group, created to raise awareness about furniture and furnishings’ reuse. Furniture is discarded for functional or aesthetic reasons. However, much of it does not need to become waste and can be simply fixed, refurbished or transformed into new objects.

Unwanted Furniture is an open-source digital catalogue which provides ten step-by-step circular and sustainable design strategies which extend the life cycle of old, broken or obsolete objects.

The catalogue is divided into four categories: 

  1. CARE, i.e., furniture care techniques which prevent damage and extend life;
  2. AESTHETIC CHANGE, i.e., strategies for aesthetically renewing objects;
  3. FIXING, i.e., repair strategies that maintain their function;
  4. UPCYCLING, i.e., recycling, recovery and transformation of objects that alter their function for circular and creative recycling.

Each strategy has a gallery of other inspirational design objects and a section that combines innovative projects, platforms and tutorials to explore circular and do-it-yourself techniques and processes.  

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