Tutti pazzi per LoraWAN! (All crazy for LoraWAN!)

Three dissemination and team building activities for A2A

A2A SmartCityLab
Education and Civic engagement

Companies that want to be agile and innovative must improve internal communication and synergy between company areas.

OpenDot designed three activities to encourage team building and skill exchange to involve and train people on the key technologies used by the A2A Smart City Lab research and development department at A2A ICT.

"Tutti pazzi per LoraWAN!" is a playful educational workshop, conceived and designed in partnership with A2A SmartCityLab to illustrate the innovation and knowledge of the R&D department through direct involvement and hands-on experimentation on technologies such as Arduino, IoT and the LoraWAN network.


The activities were designed based on A2A's needs, directly involving the employees from the earliest stages - a tailoring process which involved the company from objectives’ definition to activities’ conception and implementation.

  1. "Random Project Generator” consists of three dice and a board to stimulate the conception of data-based projects starting from parameters dictated by chance - i.e. the situation where the project should take place, objective and the data sensors available on the market. 
  2. "The Network Server and the Infinite Tree" is an animated video explaining the LoraWAN network technology and its complex functioning to non-professionals in less than five minutes.
  3. "Hands on the code" is a code hands-on workshop, to learn about Arduino and see how data can become information through practical experimentation.

The project was positively received during the "A2A ICT DAY" corporate event, so A2A SmartCityLab independently replicated the activities in later events to explain its department's innovations in schools and to other colleagues.


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