Our Fab Lab

OpenDot is a research and open innovation hub, a space for learning and sharing. Our Fab Lab is dedicated to rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing and is open and accessible to everyone.

Digital fabrication technologies allow to prototype and manufacture small batches of products quickly, locally and in an affordable way, either independently or thanks to the support of our experienced staff.

Our Fab Lab is divided into work areas such as an electronics lab and a carpentry workshop with CNC machines to process wood, metals, plastics, and textiles, and it is equipped for experimenting with biomaterials.

April 8

MDW24 | From 8 to 19 April Fab Lab activities are suspended


...but you can come to visit us!

April 23

Formazione base: Arduino

Fab Lab

Corso di formazione macchine base, gratuito

April 30

Formazione base: Fresatura CNC

Fab Lab

Corso di formazione macchine base, gratuito

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How does it work?

You need to get our membership card (€25/year including insurance) to access the lab. Traditional tools and the carpentry area are available for free, while machines can be used following the pay-per-use mode, after a free induction in their proper use.

To calculate the payment of your manufacturing we have a “digital coin”, the dot. 1 dot = 1 minute = 1 euro.

Students get 20% off.

There are three packages based on your needs.

  • Small 50Đ/50€
  • Medium100Đ/80€
  • Large250Đ/200€

You can pick the right membership package with dots based on your needs.

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apply to Fab Academy!

Do you want to learn how to make (almost) everything in six months? 
OpenDot hosts the Fab Academy annually. This is the most important digital fabrication course from the Fab Lab Network.