CityAi – Smart City Open Research Development
/ 3 hands-on advanced workshops
April, May, June 2017
In partnership with A2A Smart City and Mapbox Cities


CityAi – Smart City Open Research Development is the new research and training program focused on the exploration of technologies for Smart City by Opendot Fab Lab. Building from the urge of addressing an important and complex topics such as inclusive technologies for smart urban environments, smart citizenship and data-driven service design, CityAi first builds and consults with a network of stakeholders among technological players, activists and policy-makers to grasp urgent urban challenges and technological opportunities.

Based on these consultations, Opendot organises three first hands-on advanced workshops where a vibrant, curious and skilled community of researchers, professionals, as well as makers and inventors, will explore new technologies while earning tangible skills to design innovative services targeted on citizen inclusion and behavioral change. Under the guidance of an ever-changing constellation of international talented instructors and experts, we will make many different open source working prototypes.

In partnership with A2A Smart CIty and Mapbox, we will start from online real-time maps and urban dataviz in April, then we will focus on discovering connected objects in May and finally in June we will work on smart city services development based on both online dataviz and IoT physical devices. 

All workshops will take place in Milan, at Opendot Fab Lab and can be attended independently.
We will learn how to handle and visualize data toward meaningful inclusive services as well as to gather data from hardware trackers and sensors to build interactive online visualizations and physical connected devices also in a speculative perspective, using several hardware and IoT protocols, included LoraWan.

Real-time Maps & Urban DataViz Navigation

11-13 April 2017
 Erik Escoffier, Nicolas Barradeau, Michele Ferretti

Connected IoT objects for Smart Citizens

22-26 May 2017
with Adrian McEwen / MCQN

Smart City
September 2017
Hosts to be announced very soon!

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